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Frequently Asked Questions

The concert hall date is confirmed only on receipt of the full hall rental amount in advance.
The concert hall rental includes doorman, general lighting for the drive way, parking lot & 3 hours of air-conditioning from the time the doors are open to patrons. The use of external spaces (paved area) is not covered in the cost of the hall rental.
The concert hall opens its doors at 8.00 am for bump in / setups on the day of the event.
The concert hall can be hired only on a day basis & not on an hourly basis.
The concert hall has 3 mandatory requirements (a) ambulance (b) fire brigade backup (c) parking management services, without which the event will not be permitted.
The concert hall can be hired in two seating capacities (a) 1132 seater (b) 632 seater (ground floor only)
The concert hall can be hired exclusively for setups prior to the event if the performance so demands. The concert hall setup day timings are 8.00 am to 8.00pm. Night setups are not permitted. All material is permitted into the concert hall only through the bump in door at the rear of the stage. No access through any other doors will be permitted.
The Concert hall comes equipped with Audio, Lighting & Video, Generators & Parking management personal.
The concert hall does not permit external vendors for Audio, Lighting, Video Generators & Parking management personal. However in case of additional security requirements, external agencies can be deployed.
The concert hall strictly does not permit the entry of any form of food and beverage other than drinking water. Patrons found with food & beverage inside the concert hall will be asked to leave.
The concert hall is strictly a "NO SMOKING ZONE"
The concert hall facilities such as Audio, Lighting, Video, Stall spaces, Branding are to be paid in full and in advance 15 days prior to the date of the event
The concert hall allows the use of static / moving cameras during an event. However the use of a crane / jib is strictly prohibited when the hall is occupied by patrons. The use of Track n Trolley is permitted, providing the same does not obstruct the free movement of patrons within the hall.
The concert hall does not allow loose cables (video, communication) to cross isles, entry & exit points. All cables have to be run as per the instructions of the staff. Vendors not conforming to the rules of the concert hall will not be allowed to operate within the concert hall.
The concert hall charges for stalls, car, motorcycle display & branding is for raw space only.